Vision and story

Lewina Swimwear was born on a beach in the Balearics islands of Spain when I was on holiday with one of my friends. We discussed how the swimwear fashion industry often was diminishing women’s self-confidence instead of boosting them and show that all bodies are beach bodies. I have always loved spending time in the oceans in sunny and warm parts of the world and with my true love for bikinis and swimsuits I decided to take it one step (a big one!) further and create a brand focusing on creating high-quality great fitting swimwear for women.

I think we all have been there, pulling our bikini bottoms up after exiting the ocean and adjusting the top as it cuts into our skin. I’ve spent endless hours on finding the best possible fit, working with a specialist to understand body measurements and what differentiates a great fitting bikini from a bad one. I’ve always known how it feels to the skin but didn’t know how to fix it! The result is truly seamless pieces with a lining as thick as the outer fabric which makes each piece incredibly comfortable and supportive.

The one-piece is for example 4-6 cm longer than the industry standard which in combination with the 4-way stretch soft fabric adjust itself to your body. If you have a longer torso, it helps eliminating cutting into shoulders and the groin, and if you have a fuller figure, it stretches comfortably across the body.

From the very beginning it was very clear to me that the swimwear needed to be eco-friendly and made from recycled fibers but not only that, I also wanted excellent working conditions for the people producing the pieces and low minimum order quantities. This was not easy to find but after what seemed like ages, I finally found a manufacturer who had been working with sustainable fabrics for more than 30 years and who understood exactly what I wanted.

 Lewina Swimwear is a sustainable luxurious swimwear brand using eco-friendly and recycled materials and dyes for all swimwear. We use Econyl which is regenerated nylon where marine debris such as fishing nets and plastic bottles has been recycled and regenerated into yarn and new high-quality products.

When purchasing a bikini from Lewina Swimwear you are not only treating yourself with a high-quality handmade product, but you are also being part of a much healthier fashion industry that is kind to the planet we all call home.

Exclusive and unique prints

The prints seen on Lewina Swimwear pieces are unique and hand painted exclusively for us. Rest assured that you won't find them anywhere else.